The Role of Knowledge Management in eGovernment

-30% The Role of Knowledge Management in eGovernment

Abstract: Implementation of electronic governmental services is one of the top priorities of European Union. The reasons for implementation of eGovernment are associated with higher efficiency and quality of managing internal processes (managing governmental resources) and external processes, delivering public services to citizens and businesses. Deployment of electronic services is a long process as eGovernment systems are very complex due to many different factors  that play significant role. The factors may include technology infrastructure, socio – cultural environment, legal environment, economic conditions and so on. European Union countries have been developing and adopting different strategies to implement public electronic services, which led to uneven development progress. Most of the implemented eGovernment services have been implemented  partially and the usage of the services, especially by citizens, is quite low. In the paper, we try to take some of the concepts and models of Knowledge Management and apply them to the development and implementation process of eGovernment. This perspectives may have an impact on faster implementation and deployment of electronic services. 

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